Findlay Municipal Court

Welcome to the Safe Driver Online traffic safety course! If you received a moving violation, such as a speeding ticket, you might be eligible to complete this course to avoid getting points on your license. This means that your insurance won't go up as a result of getting the ticket.

Eligibility information

You are probably eligible for the Findlay Municipal Court’s Traffic Safety Program if you meet the following criteria:

 • Your offense was a 2-point waiverable offense (i.e., a citation that does not require a court appearance),
 • You had a valid license at the time of your citation,
 • You do not have a commercial driver license (CDL), and
 • You have not participated in the program within the past three years. 

For more eligibility information, visit the Traffic Safety Program page on the Findlay Municipal Court’s website. To confirm your eligibility, contact the Findlay Municipal Court: (419) 424-7141

IMPORTANT: You must pay all applicable fines and fees to the Findlay Municipal Court, and complete any paperwork they require, before registering for the Safe Driver Online program here.

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